Service Virtualization (Mock Services)

Fully integrate mock services into your tests.


Mock Services from BlazeMeter


Why BlazeMeter Mock Services?

Create on demand Virtual Services (Mock Services) in your CI/CD Pipeline. Automated, deployable, and maintainable, you can easily spin these mock services up on BlazeMeter’s Continuous Testing platform whenever needed. BlazeMeter supports Docker and Kubernetes and can automatically start up and shut down for your specific tests.

What You Can Do With BlazeMeter Mock Services

Mock Services Make Better Tests

Mock Services Make Better Tests

Shift left testing means testing at the API and component level of your applications. To do this accurately, you need to isolate the functionality under test. This is where mock services come into play. With Mock Services you can virtualize parts of the system that are not under test, or not available (e.g., still in development), and get discrete insight into the quality and performance of what you’re testing.

With BlazeMeter Mock Services you can mimic any component or service, giving you realistic responses so that your testing can continue without delay.

More Than Just Mock Services

Mock Services: More Than Just Mocks

Traditional mocks deliver a single, simple bounce-back response. BlazeMeter Mock Services realistically simulate the real-world behavior of a service. Test your app under both good and unpredictable conditions with both happy path and negative responses (slow response times, incomplete inputs, unexpected errors, or even chaotic behavior). Get your app ready for whatever the world throws its way.

BlazeMeter's Stateful Mock Services provide the ability to replicate a variety of state changes. These states include fields of data, incremental data changes, and object state.

Support for Mobile Application Testing

Support for Mobile Application Testing

BlazeMeter Mock Services also work with your mobile application testing. When developing/testing mobile applications you must deal with a lot of dependencies (such as app backend services) and 3rd party systems that could slow down/block your development and testing efforts. Instead, use BlazeMeter Mock Services to get these constraints under control.

Perfecto testers can call up BlazeMeter Mock Services as part of their tests to help eliminate service dependencies. For more information about Perfecto, please visit this link.

Open Source and Third-Party Compatible

Open-Source and Third-Party Compatible

Create your mock services with open-source tools like Wiremock , or with your own tools of choice. Easily import API specifications like Swagger and .HAR files, integrate with on-prem Service Virtualization tools, or use the proxy recorder or UI to create mocks without coding. Store and share mock services with your team in the transaction repository, no matter which system or method was used to create the original services.

Mock Services in the Continuous Testing Toolchain

Mock Services in the Continuous Testing Toolchain

Mock services are a vital part of your continuous testing toolchain. BlazeMeter is the only platform that unifies all the information required for a test to run into a single test asset. Data and services are automatically included through these inherent deep integrations. Save time, reduce complexity, and improve coverage and accuracy. Learn to use this feature at BlazeMeter University.

Share Mock (Virtual) Services Across Teams

Access and share your mock services created anywhere in the organization or import services you've developed using external tools such as WireMock/Mocklab. With BlazeMeter's self-defining tests, these mock services are automatically inserted into tests each time they run. This industry-unique feature allows you to test better and faster! .


Simulate Real-World Behavior and Virtual Environments

Continue to test even when you don't have access to the full environment. See for yourself how you can easily build, scale, analyze, and automate performance tests.


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