Traditionally, testing mainframe systems required legacy tools and specific platform knowledge.

Using open source tools such as JMeter, its easy to create tests over RTE protocol. This enables the same script to check functional aspects as well as performance behavior. 

Join Roger Abelenda, Technical Director at Abstracta, for an introduction to using the RTE plugin in JMeter for performance and functional tests, and how to mock mainframe apps.

You'll learn:

  • How to build RTE scripts using JMeter to test mainframe apps
  • How to create RTE mocks to avoid creating mainframe environments
  • How to run functional and performance tests in BlazeMeter and benefit from scalability, distributed testing, and real-time and comprehensive test results

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Roger Abelenda headshot.

Roger Abelenda

Chief Technology Officer, Abstracta

I'm a Software Engineer with more than 17 years of experience in development with special focus in developing high traffic and resilient applications. In my career I have played different roles as developer, architect and technical director.

Today I am CTO at Abstracta, a software quality-focused company. I use my experience and technical background to help different areas of the business, fostering innovation and always willing to help.

Last year I have been an active promoter and maintainer of JMeter DSL: a new way of scripting performance tests with JMeter fostering collaboration between devs and performance experts and continuous performance testing.