One of the most critical aspects of performance testing is understanding the root causes of issues that arise. Whether the issues arise immediately or after the test has been running for a length of time, the source of these errors are not always immediately evident. 

This lack of visibility has been a long-standing challenge for software testers, resulting in more time spent on testing. It also makes clear the need for observability tools. Using observability tools like Digma will radically reduce testing times by identifying and diagnosing issues rapidly. 

In this webinar, BlazeMeter experts Itiel Pinker and Todd Hall join Digma co-founder and CTO Roni Dover to show how pairing BlazeMeter with Digma’s observability tool can help testing teams speed up their testing process and shift left. Learn how BlazeMeter and Digma work together to: 

  • Provide deep insights into performance issues at code level 
  • Create a continuous feedback loop 
  • Give insight into performance, health, and behavior of apps, services, and systems 
  • And more! 

Watch today to see how testers can get the full picture of their performance testing with BlazeMeter and Digma.

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Itiel Pinker

Itiel Pinker

Technical Support Engineer

Itiel Pinker is a Technical Support Engineer at BlazeRunner. His background is in Software Development and is a kind of documentation freak. So he's bringing his writing skills and technical background together to create knowledge articles on BlazeMeter for the customer community. In his spare time he is involved in community service and volunteering.

Todd Hall

Todd Hall

Customer Success Manager, BlazeMeter

Todd brings over 39 years of extensive IT Management experience over multiple disciplinesdatabase administration, architecture, program management, and more. Todd uses his knowledge to provide extraordinary support to BlazeMeter and BlazeRunner customers.

Roni Dover

Roni Dover

CTO & Co-founder, Digma

Holistic developer and builder with a passion for development processes and practices. Afflicted by an acute Product Manager/Developer split personality disorder that was never treated. Currently, CTO and co-founder of Digma (, an IDE plugin for code runtime AI analysis to help accelerate development in complex codebases. A big believer in evidence-based development, and a proponent of Continuous Feedback in all aspects of Software Engineering.