What is the best approach for day-to-day testing versus preparing for a peak traffic event, like Black Friday?  We’re talking with Senior Manager QA & Automation Engineer, Ryan O’Neill, with Deckers Brands—parent company to UGG, Hoka, Teva, and more— about just this.

The BlazeMeter team will walk through how Deckers keeps its customers living an active lifestyle with a seamless online experience. In this webinar we will discuss: 

  • Deckers’ testing strategy
  • Day-to-day testing vs. peak traffic events
  • Post-pandemic changes
  • Most leveraged BlazeMeter features

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Ryan O'Neill

Ryan O'Neill

Senior Manager QA & Automation Engineering, Deckers Brands

Todd Hall

Todd Hall

Customer Success Manager, BlazeMeter

Todd brings over 39 years of extensive IT Management experience over multiple disciplinesdatabase administration, architecture, program management, and more. Todd uses his knowledge to provide extraordinary support to BlazeMeter and BlazeRunner customers.