CB3ROB Data Services

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CB3ROB Data Services offers the following services:

- Dedicated Servers 
- Hardware and software development
- Partial and global BGP transit (available soon)

We go forward to defend freedom and all that is good and just in our world.
The final solution provider in a hostile world!

Firmware Development boards for the CB3ROB TACTICAL DATASYSTEMS rugged dataprocessing and control environment.
Estimated Sales price per unit: BTC 0.1

Ubuntu 16.04 Server 64-bit LTS
Intel Quad Core Xeon
1 IPv4 address
10Base ethernet uncapped unmetered

BTC 0.3/month (initial payment 3 months in advance, no setup fees)

Ubuntu 16.04 Server 64-bit LTS
Intel Quad Core Xeon
1 IPv4 address
100Base ethernet uncapped unmetered

BTC 0.4/month (initial payment 2 months in advance, no setup fees)


CB3ROB, as a net-neutral carrier, will supply services to anyone that pays the
bill, and for any purpose, as long as those activities do not directly impair
the technical functionality of our networks (at ISO Layer 2/3) or those of our

Any 'legal' issues are solely between you, the customer, and the authorities
of your nationality/company registration provider of choice.

Unlinke most of our easily blackmailed and corrupted competition, we will not
cave in to any silly demands by third parties. we know damn well what a legal
department is for and it's not to screw your own paying customers.

YOU are our paying customer, we see no reason to even talk to random idiots
'complaining' about what you do, after all we don't get paid to talk to them,
nor to solve their alledged 'problems'. We get paid to keep you online so
that is what we shall do.

In as far as we use corporate front ends within the EU to handle external
cashflow and assets-holding, those are legal entities covered by full
diplomatic and carrier immunity and we will go a long way to protect that

A 'fair use' policy, that in our views, every ISP should maintain.

Take note that our services will not 'protect you' from the laws of wherever
you choose to take residence for your activities. We will however never cave
in to silly demands and extortion attempts by the many third parties with no
actual authority over the contractual agreement we have with you.

Unlike our corrupted competitors, we don't employ staff to 'pull plugs'.
We employ staff to plug in more things and grow our revenue and network.

We won't hire lawyers to find ways to screw you out of your services,
but we will hire lawyers to attack those that attack us and our industry.

Unlike our competitors we have the healthy economic intention to grow and make
a profit, not to let random third parties screw us and our clients over.

We don't care if they jump up and down on their heads. We won't cave in.

Take note that in order for us to maintain our immunity it is imperative
that we do not assist you in the technical aspects of how to run your
operations. That means we will not assist you in setting up or configuring
any software. In as far as systems are delivered by us (not just IP routing),
they are delivered with a bare install of a 'unix like' operating system.

We will not set up any program actually dealing with your activity itself.
We will not access your servers, nor spy on your activities.
You are urged to change the passwords directly after delivery.

Unlike our currupted competitors, we also are not a free 'registered mail'
provider for random third parties that due to their own incompetence, lack
of authority, or hidden agenda either cannot find you or refuse to contact
you directly. We will NOT "relay their messages" to you and then give them
confirmation of us having done so, as that simply is not in our, nor your,
interest, solely in theirs. We serve the interests of our clients ONLY.

Keep in mind, our immunities do NOT extend to YOU: Our services are NOT
an open invitation to break laws applicable to YOU, however, WE are not a
party to that.

So much for stating the obvious.

To order or for custom solutions and special pricing deals please contact
our sales department on:

Skype us for Sales
(Initial contact only, to negotiate a somewhat more encrypted method
of communications for actual business negotiations)

Method of payment: BITCOIN. Gold/silver/cash by courier is possible.

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The CB3ROB website without TOR


We don't sell to jews, in case of doubt we can ask for a picture of the client's penis
Privacy policy: this website employs no tracking nor logging and furthermore is free of jew spyware.
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